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Frequently Asked 


Why should we hire a wedding planner/cOordinator?

So you can truly enjoy your day. The Wedding day goes by so fast and hiring a planner allows you to invest time with your friends, family and all your guests without worrying about all the details and timeline. It gives you peace of mind that everything is taken care of and the day is running smoothly. 

How early should you hire a wedding cOordinator?

We recommend hiring your wedding coordinator as soon as you say YES, even with the month of package. Picking a venue is the first TO DO on your list when getting married and we can help ease the process of finding the perfect venue that offers everything you need for your special day. You’ll also want to secure your wedding coordinator right away to ensure they are available on your wedding date. We do book out over a year in advance or more. 

Looking over your packages and what you offer sounds wonderful But it's also expensive. Are we going to be able to afford this in our wedding budget?

The amount of time a couple spends planning their wedding can be hundreds hours between looking for vendors, meeting with them over and over until you find the perfect match and one that fits within your budget. As wedding planners, we have already done all the homework for you. We have formed relationships and worked with most vendors in the area. We don’t receive a commission from any vendors for recommending them. We recommend based on who we have worked with and know would provide exceptional service to our couples. So, with the saying “Time is Money”, we are here to save you time and money anywhere we can.

Do we really need a wedding cOordinator? Can’t our family and friends Just take care of it?

Just like many other vendors on your special day, a wedding coordinator is an investment in making sure your special day is executed flawlessly. It not only takes the stress off of you but it also takes the stress and duty off of your family and friends. Everyone is there to celebrate you and hiring a coordinator allows them to do exactly that.

Do you cHarge for Travel?

We do charge for travel if outside of the Tri-Cities/Walla Walla area. During our initial meeting, we can discuss details on what this looks like and additional cost. 

We have a few more questions and would love to chat over the phone or in person. Is that possible?

If you haven’t yet, please fill out our contact page on the website and we will be in touch. If you need to get a hold of me immediately feel free to call or text me at 509.554.4829 or email me at to set up a time to chat. 

I love your photos on your website! Who are the photographers?

We get to work with a lot of amazing photographers from weddings to styled shoots! The photographers featured throughout our website include: Kat Nielsen Photography.

MorE questIons?

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